Having Kidney Stones is usually not a once in a lifetime occurence.

My doctor has let me know that once I suffered from the first symptoms of kidney stones pain, this would be a life long struggle to balance my diet and avoid certain triggers that could help induce another attack.


Here is a quick list of helpful hints that my urologist specifically gave me.  These may work for you if you’re suffering from

kidney stones pain

though it is probably still useful to consult your urologist for specifics related to your own health.


1.  Drink Water.

This sounds so basic, I hate even typing it.  Though I rarely drink water unless I’m in the mood for it.  Plain water seems like such a waste of a drinking opportunity when there is so much deliciousness out there lol.


2.  Drink Lemonade.

Now this is something I can abide by, Doc.  I like lemonade and certainly have no issues consuming mass amounts of it if need be.  This has quickly become my drink of choice with the exception of my morning coffee.


3. Avoid Grape Juice.

I was a little upset at this.  I love grape juice.  Welch’s and I have been good buddies since I was a toddler.  The lip smacking uniqueness that my Welch’s grape juice provided is something I’m surely going to miss.  Though not entirely as I have to cheat sometimes.  I’m sure just one glass every now and then isn’t going to send another kidney stones pain attack my way right?….right!?


4. Peanuts….gone.

It was as if my urologist could pin point telepathically exactly the things I wasn’t willing to give up.  Peanuts, according to my doctor, in any form whether it be honey roaster in a can or peanut butter from a jar were to be avoided.  If you are anything like me, you are simply skipping #4.  I don’t enjoy much food in this world but most of what I do enjoy is centered around peanuts in some way or the other.  I’m convinced if I had a peanut allergy I would risk my life each and every day, so with that in mind let’s note that no matter how severe my kidney stones pain become I will not be giving up peanuts.  Ever.


5.  Exercise

I’m not certain if my Doctor was simply stating this because he thought I could use some muscle definition but it was certainly suggested that I start a healthy exercise regimen in the near future.  This is still something I’m working on starting as we speak.  I’m on the thinner side (I know I’m not exactly complaining) so I’m attempting to find the right balance of adding some weight because I’m afraid to lose any by starting a regular exercise routine.  If you have any suggestions please drop em in the comments.



So there we go guys, this was the top 5 life adjustments that my urologist let me know I should take seriously in order to avoid any new kidney stones and the pain that comes along with them.  I hope this helps you out as much as it has helped me so far.  Drop a comment and lets chat if you suffer from kidney stones as well.  Sometimes its good to know I’m not alone out here lol.